Phase III

Phase 3 of 3 – Legislative Mandates for PAL, scalable Waste-To-Energy, Certified Clean Burning or Biodegradable Consumer Packaging from Non-Fossil Fuel Materials, and final rules for e-RIN renewable transportation fuel incentives.

Through a progressive media campaign and education process, local and state governments will begin supporting (not opposing) new agricultural methods using woody and vegetative materials (formerly considered waste), specifically in the creation of Agricultural Production Systems and Permanent Agricultural Land (PAL). 

A certification process will be implemented that mandates and certifies all packaging to be clean-burning, carbon neutral and /or biodegradable.  If this methodology were utilized nationally and quickly globally, climate change could be mitigated at an unprecedented rate together with the many other environmental benefits previously mentioned.

RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers) are serial numbers assigned to a batch of biofuel used in the transportation sector. These numbers track the production, use, and trading of these fuels as required by the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). RINs are assigned to renewable fuels like biodiesel and allow these fuels profitability in a fossil fuel market. 

E-RINs are serial numbers that will be assigned to kilowatts produced for the transportation sector from renewable energy. The legislative mandates for this type of RIN are in place. The specific rules, however, have not been written by the EPA. The completion of this rulemaking will greatly help facilitate, through increased profitability, this new and essential industry. 

As our society evolves into the 21st century, we must lobby and pursue legislative change to the current way we make and use energy. Together with our other renewable carbon neutral sources of energy must make our waste a strong, environmentally safe, and carbon neutral component of energy production.

We must make our waste (former waste) environmentally safe and carbon neutral component of energy production, agricultural land management, and urban planning.

“Climate change is a huge challenge, but it can be brought in line if governments, businesses and individuals work together.”
—   Sir Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group



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