Phase II

Phase 2 of 3 – A media push for Consumer Packaging to be made clean burning & biodegradable from renewable materials and scalable Waste-To-Energy pilot facilities are implemented

The second phase of this plan involves Waste-to-Energy. Since consumer packaging is one of the largest components of the waste stream, for this phase to work there needs to be a massive shift in the way consumer packaging is produced. Consumer packaging will need to be made from clean burning, biodegradable, carbon neutral or non-fossil fuel, renewable materials. A massive media push to educate people as to the importance of this change is envisioned.

When it is said solar, wind, and electrification are the answer to climate change the “elephant in the room” of waste is missed. This problem is answered with scalable waste to energy facilities with the components of our trash properly engineered for clean, carbon neutral combustion. This will eliminate or vastly reduce the need for landfills and coal or fossil fuel powerplants. These are two huge contributors to climate change. This step will include pilot demonstration facilities like the one planned by Agricultural Fuels using an AirBurners PGFirebox to show a proof of concept operation.   

Furthermore if all material entering the landfill is clean and nontoxic. the landfill can be used for agriculture and cattle grazing after closure.

                                                “The time for seeking global solutions is running out.
                                We can find suitable solutions only if we act together and in agreement.”

Pope Francis, 266th Catholic Pope

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