The Future

Our vision for the future involves a radical shift of the status quo, moving away from drilling for fossil fuels, and toward conservation and implementing renewable energy strategies. This will include planting vast areas in new biomass crops, and the marketing of bio-based fuels and Compressed Natural Gas(CNG). We must eliminate or drastically reduce reliance on landfills, through the innovative use of agricultural residuals.

Below is a conceptual drawing for a 2mw biomass power plant. Funds are in reserve for initiating the air permits on this plant in Orange County.  The site is located in an area designated as an “Energy Corridor” by the University of Central Florida Business Development Department, due to its proximity to the Stanton Energy Center. The planned concrete-reinforced dome enclosure is disaster-resistant, and will serve as a site for guaranteed power generation with six nines (99.9999%) of reliability, as well as leased areas of data storage for banks and essential telecommunications.