Hardwood Fuel

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 * Raw Wood Material for Pellets & boiler feedstock

Shredded Hardwood Feedstock is a renewable energy feedstock.   It is also sustainable, because it is largely derived from wood that has been diverted from the waste stream.  It is used as boiler feedstock at renewable energy power plants. It is also used as a traditional fuel for firewood.

“The United States is the Saudi Arabia of carbohydrates.”
— David Morris, Institute for  Local Reliance

Stated another way, this means that the U.S. has sufficient growing capacity to replace petroleum-based fossil fuels with bio-based fuels.  This is also the reason why the U.S. is known as the Bread Basket of the world.  Moving toward bio-based fuels will have effects comparable to those of the Industrial Revolution.  Replacing fossil fuels with bio-based energy processes will dramatically reduce, or even end, dependence on foreign oil, and spur the creation of a domestic bio-fuels industry.

The advantages of biomass feedstocks include:

  Lowered demand for diminishing crude oil supplies
  Recycling of CO2
  Lessened dependence on politically unstable nations for feedstock supply
  Biomass harvesting will become a growth industry.

Read more about the use of Renewable Energy Feedstocks at National Renewable Energy Labs (nrel.gov).


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