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Janina Widener is the president of Agricultural Fuels Corp., where her duties include project management, business development, and environmental advocacy to promote the establishment of a network of renewable energy substations and agricultural fueling stations.  She has worked to secure grants and loan guarantees for building renewable energy infrastructure, and for implementing energy conservation measures.

Ms. Widener is a Graduate of the University of South Florida, and has lived in the Orlando area for over ten years.  Her linkedin public profile may be viewed here :


She is an active advocate for legislation supporting green, renewable energy projects, such as the Farm toFuel and Farm to Fleet renewable fuel initiatives. Ms. Widener is committed to reducing dependence on fossil fuels by expanding the availability of renewable energy fuels.  She is also a member of the Florida Alliance For Renewable Energy (FARE).

Read more about FARE at www.farenergy.org 

James Meade is the chief technical officer for Agricultural Fuels Corp. He has over twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur in the area of business development and real estate ventures, and is a lifelong resident of Orlando, Florida. He has a background in engineering and chemistry, and attended the University of Florida. He is currently the chief technology officer for Agricultural Fuels Corp., where He is responsible for establishing agricultural markets and cultivating sales. he is also responsible for the logistics of daily operations at the main period facility and outlying jobsites. James has engaged in the management of environmental mitigation projects, as well as commercial development projects.  He is a member of the Florida Alliance For Renewable Energy (FARE)

Read more about FARE at www.farenergy.org

Mr. Meade is currently working with strategic partners toward siting and building a 2 mW biomass power plant at the Young Pine Road facility. He is also working on setting up an infrastructure for the distribution of methanol, biodiesel, and other sustainable fuels from plant or animal origin.

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