Agricultural Fuels Corp is a producer of agricultural fuel wood products located at Orlando, Florida for use as firewood, and as boiler or hog fuel feedstock for renewable green energy power generation.  These agricultural fuel products are derived from urban wood residuals that have been diverted from the waste stream, grown on local farms, or harvested under contract or agreement from state or federal government lands. They are made from 100% sustainable and renewable wood and biomass sources. Agricultural Fuels Corp. is also home to a registered apiary, and its products and accoutrements.
Agricultural Fuels Corp supplies these agricultural products :

tree65 Firewood

tree65 Woody Biomass Feedstock

tree65 Raw Local Honey

tree65 Cashew Nut Shell Oil

tree65 Terra Preta (biochar)

Agricultural Fuels Corp. is also a supplier of methanol and ethylene glycol (EG) in tanker quantities. Methanol is used in waste-water denitrification, as a process component in biodiesel transesterification, and is also used as window washer fluid. Ethylene Glycol is used as antifreeze.

Agricultural Fuels’ 5-year plan is to buy, inventory, and sell agricultural fuels grown on farms or harvested from the waste stream. In addition, we plan to become a demonstration site for renewable energy technologies, including a disaster-resistant, renewable energy power plant that uses the facility’s own feedstock for power generation. Our green Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant will be housed in steel-reinforced concrete domes. These Greendomes ™ endure significantly better than traditionally-designed and constructed buildings.  The Greendomes ™ strong and ergonomic shape causes it to be virtually unaffected by time, weather, or intrusion. The structure can withstand a 300mph firestorm.  Meeting FEMA’s standards for near-absolute protection, steel-reinforced concrete domes are proven survivors.  They are the most disaster-resistant structures that can be built affordably.

They are perfect for data centers, or any warehousing requiring security, with included cooling, heat, and/or power.

Agricultural Fuels Corp.’s vision is to create a chain of sustainable agricultural fuel suppliers, and distributed CHP generation that will move our country toward energy independence. This agriculture-based renewable and sustainable energy model will provide new jobs, as well as a means for achieving true project security.

Agricultural Fuels Corp. has formed strategic alliances with agricultural and power producing entities to build infrastructure, purchase power-generating and fuel processing equipment, and to broker agricultural fuels and commodities.  The passage of the Florida Farm to Fuel Act in 2006 has opened the door to new opportunities for small agricultural energy businesses. The 2014 Farm bill and new EPA rules have further strengthened this new business model.