Agricultural Fuels Corp.


Agricultural Fuels Corp in Orlando, Florida is a producer of agricultural fuel wood products and soil amendments. These products include firewood, hog fuel feedstock (for renewable green energy power generation) and various soil products and amendments.

The passage of the Florida Farm to Fuel Act in 2006 has opened the door to new opportunities for small agricultural energy businesses. Florida statutes promoting and protecting Agritourism (FS 570.85-89) and Agriculture in general have further strengthened this business model.  See our planned Agritourism site here.

These agricultural products are primarily derived from urban wood residuals that have been diverted from the waste stream. These products are made from sustainable and renewable wood and biomass sources. Agricultural Fuels Corp. is also home to a registered apiary, and its products and accoutrements.

Agricultural Fuels Corp supplies these agricultural products :

tree65 Firewood

tree65 Woody Biomass Feedstock

tree65 Raw Local Honey

This facility will also be a demonstration site for renewable energy technologies, including using the facility’s own feedstock for power generation. Our plans include agritourism and an educational program promoting agricultural energy and fuels.

Agricultural Fuels Corp.’s vision is to create a chain of sustainable agricultural fuel suppliers, that will help move our state and country toward energy independence. This agriculture-based renewable and sustainable energy model will provide new jobs and a sustainable source of renewable energy. We intend to showcase this vision to the public through agritourism.

Agricultural Fuels Corp. has formed strategic alliances with agricultural and power producing entities to build infrastructure, purchase power-generating and fuel processing equipment, and to broker and sell agricultural fuels and commodities.